Monday, 24 October 2016

Cardiac Staff Matters 24/10/16

1. The Nurse-Practitioner Managed Post-Hospital Discharge Transition Clinic for patients with congestive heart failure was one of three runners-up in the WRHA Patient Safety Week – Share your Success Contest. There were 29 applicants; three winners and three runners-up were selected. The stories of all six successful initiatives will be shared on October 28th at the John Buhler Research Centre, Room 500 (1100-1200). The event is called Success Stories Presentations: Improving Access and Transitions of Care session. Estrellita Estrella-Holder, NP and Dr. Shelley Zieroth will be sharing the story. Congratulations to you both, and congratulations to the team who will enjoy the prize of a pizza lunch!

2. The Lasker awards are among the most respected prizes in Medicine and are commonly known as the “American Nobels.” On October 7, the unveiling of Dr. Morley Cohen’s Albert Lasker Clinical Medical Research Award was held. This award was conferred upon Dr. Morley Cohen and his colleagues at the University of Minnesota in 1955 for their pioneering work that allowed surgery within the open heart.

L-R: Dr. Bruce Roe, Lori Lamont, Trish Cohen (Dr. Morley Cohen’s daughter), Dr. Alan Menkis

That same year, Dr. Cohen returned to Winnipeg, joining the Department of Surgery at St. Boniface Hospital and the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Manitoba. He was instrumental in establishing an open heart research unit here and in 1959, he performed the first open heart surgery in Manitoba. Eleven more open heart surgeries were conducted that year, laying the foundation for St. Boniface Hospital to become the center of excellence for cardiac care that it is today.

The Cardiac Sciences Program is proud to display this award in the lobby of the IH Asper Institute.
3. The SBH Echo department is pleased to announce that Laura Ans is the successful applicant for the Full time term Cardiac Sonographer position. Laura is a recent grad from the Red River College Cardiac Sonographer program. She will start in her new position on October 31st. Please help us welcome her to this position.

4. Effective October 14, the bed base on 5A Cardiology at SBH was increased permanently to 32 beds from 30 beds. A big thank you goes out to the staff and attending physicians on 5A for their support in making this happen!

5. The Cardiac Sciences Program Nursing Leadership Council (CSP NLC) at SBH is comprised of Program Team Managers, Clinical Education Instructors, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Resource Nurses and Clinical Practice Nurses from each area/unit in SBH Cardiac Sciences.
Our goal is to identify issues and challenges related to the delivery of nursing care. We provide a forum for dialogue, discussion and decision making on matters related to nursing practice. Our members assist in the development, application and evaluation of new nursing knowledge. We liaise with nursing colleagues within the facility, other facilities, CRNM and regional authorizes on issues related to patient care and professional development.

The CSP NLC reps take relevant information, concerns and feedback to and from the SBH Nursing Practice Council. The chair this year is Barb Knight, CRN Cardiac Clinics and co-chair is Emily Phillips, CEI, 5A Cardiology. Nurses are encouraged to bring up practice issues with their PTM, CRN, CEI or CNS to be brought forth to the Council. Concerns can also be confidentially emailed to

6. Congratulations to Steve Klassen (second from left) on his completion of the joint WRHA/RRC Health Services Leadership and Management Certificate Program. Well done on completion of your 3 year journey!

7. Thanks and appreciation go out to the SBH staff on ICCS for their support over the past three months in caring for ACCU patients who were located on ICCS. Your commitment to providing high quality care made ACCU’s transition to its base of 6 beds a success. We continue to be grateful for your willingness to pick up available shifts in ACCU. Thank you for your professionalism and continued support!