Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Cardiac Staff Matters 27/02/17

1. February is Heart Health Awareness month, and the program has taken advantage of opportunities to bring information and education on cardiac issues to the public.

  • Dr. Olga Toleva was interviewed about cardiac health for women for the Living Well portion of CTV Morning Live which aired on February 4, 2017. She spoke about women’s heart health highlighting some of the different symptoms women can experience compared with men. Click here to see Dr. Toleva’s interview with CTV Morning Live host Rahim Ladhani.
  • The growing number of people living with heart failure was the topic of an article in the Winnipeg Free Press on February 13, which featured a patient using a LVAD (left ventricular assist device) while awaiting a heart transplant. Dr. Shelley Zieroth was interviewed for this article, pointing out that treatments for heart failure have improved significantly, allowing more people to survive longer. Click here to view this article.
2. Farewell to Dr. Zlatko Pozeg, cardiac surgeon, as he leaves the Cardiac Sciences Program effective March 17. His expertise in aortic surgery and his role in the establishment of TEVAR (thoracic endovascular aortic repair) and TAVI (transcatheter aortic valve implantation) procedures here have contributed greatly to the program. Join us in wishing him and his family good luck as they move east.

3. It is with profound sadness that we share the news that Barbara Shearer, who spent her entire nursing career in cardiac care here at SBH, passed away on February 14, 2017. Barb epitomized a professional nurse. She was a hard worker, always had a smile and aimed to have fun. She was well loved and respected by all who knew her and worked with her. Barb will be sorely missed.

4. A big “Thank you!” to all the staff on 5A, ACCU, CSIU and ICCS at SBH who spent time with internationally educated nurses over the past few weeks. There were 12 IE nurses here who had the opportunity to observe Canadian nurses at their best and ask questions about nursing in Canada and in cardiac care.

5. Construction will begin in the Stress Lab Reception area at SBH in the upcoming weeks. The plan is to have a joint reception area for Nuclear Medicine and the Stress Lab. The first phase of construction will entail the relocation of the Stress Lab reception area. As of March 2nd, Stress Lab Reception will be relocated to C3114 in the northeast corner adjacent to the Stress Lab. Signage will be posted in the area as there will be a narrow hallway to navigate. The Stress Lab will be operational during this phase of the construction.

6. "There are few, if any, jobs in which ability alone is sufficient. Needed, also, are loyalty, sincerity, enthusiasm and team play." --William B. Given, Jr.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Cardiac Staff Matters 13/02/17

1. February 14th is Cardiology Technologist Day across Canada. In the WRHA, Registered Cardiology Technologists perform all types of non-invasive cardiac diagnostic procedures such as numerous types of EKGs, graded exercise tests, cardio-pulmonary testing, nuclear testing, drug challenge testing, Holter monitoring and event recording.

A Registered Cardiology Technologist is someone who has completed a training program recognized by the Canadian Society of Cardiology Technologists (CSCT) and the Canadian Medical Association, and who has passed the CSCT certification exam.

There are 112 Registered Cardiology Technologists within the province, approximately 90 of whom are employed in the WRHA, with 40 at SBH! Happy Cardiology Technologist Day! We do it with Heart!

2. Welcome to Dalibor Gavranovic, who has accepted the position of Manager, Respiratory Therapy and Perfusion at SBH. His move into this role was effective February 1, 2017. Please join us in welcoming him!

3. Dr. Davinder Jassal was featured on CJOB’s Health Report on February 5th, speaking about the past, present and future of Cardiology in Manitoba. To listen to his conversation with the hosts, click here: http://www.thehealthreport.ca/Audio/feb5_2017.mp3.

4. Some reorganization of duties has occurred at Health Sciences Centre, and as of today, we wish Marlene Myketa-Girard farewell and good luck in her expanded responsibilities in the Surgery Program. At the same time, we welcome Suzanne Zdanuk, who will be managing the echocardiography service at HSC. Suzanne is currently the manager of Diagnostic Imaging Support Services, Adult CT as well as Adult Ultrasound. She will be reporting to Christine Parfeniuk, the Director, Diagnostic Imaging there. Welcome, both of you to the Cardiac Sciences Program!