Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Cardiac Staff Matters 12/09/16

1.     Very warm welcomes are extended to Eileen Scharfenberg and Gishali Gamage, who are the two Clinical Resource Nurses on 5A Cardiology/Post-Procedure at SBH.  Each of them brings significant cardiac experience to this role.  
2.     Please also welcome Joanne Moiny, who started last month at SBH as a casual secretary in the program.  We know Joanne from an internship she completed with us in 2015, and are very pleased to have her join us in this capacity!
3.     A new educational event will take place at the end of this month:

Attendees will gain invaluable information about arrhythmias, devices (pacemakers & defibrillators) and patient management.  In addition to excellent local presenters, the day will feature Dr. Andrew Krahn, an internationally recognized expert in the management of cardiac arrhythmias. 
Visit the event site or view the brochure for more details and registration information. 
Please share this information with any colleagues who may be interested.  Those who are unable to attend in Winnipeg can attend via MBTelehealth by contacting their local telehealth representative to arrange connection. 
4.     The Echo Department at SBH is pleased to announce the hiring of 3 new casual Cardiac Sonographers to our staff. Elissa Omiecki, Jessica Wright and Laura Ans have all just recently graduated from the Red River College Cardiac Sonographer program and we are excited to have them join our department! Please help us welcome them to the Cardiac Sciences Program.
5.     For those who use the SBH EPR:  You will notice the following update/additions regarding Cardiac Diagnostic tests: Holter/Event Monitor order requisition has been updated; SAEKG and Tilt Table Test are both new orders in EPR. Please note that these 2 tests can only be ordered by an Arrhythmia physician or their trainee/delegate.
6.     Awards were granted to two BScMed students who completed their research projects in the Section of Cardiac Surgery.  Summer Dubreil won an award for Outstanding Clinical Research Project for her project titled “Long-term outcomes of survivors undergoing extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in Manitoba between 2007 and 2016.”  Kyla Barrie’s project, “TELESCOPE-CS: ThE Long tErm SuCcess Of Prolonged intEnsive care patients after Cardiac Surgery” earned her both the Dr. J.R.W. Nicholson prize for BScMed thesis with scientific merit and the A. Allyn Rossen Award for Best BScMed Research Thesis.  Congratulations to both of these women on their academic accomplishments!