Friday, 31 October 2014

Cardiac Staff Matters 31/10/14

Cardiac Staff Matters is a regular publication of updates, information, points to ponder, and things that are significant to the Program. The aim is to pass these points on during huddles, in conversations, and by posting in clinical areas to ensure widest dissemination.

1. First Valve-in-Valve TAVI in Manitoba 

October 15th marks the date of the first valve-in-valve TAVI performed in Manitoba. Our multidisciplinary team of Interventional Cardiologists, Cardiac Surgeons, and Procedure Nurses collaborated in this Manitoba first. This complex procedure speaks volumes of our capabilities in the Program and continues to demonstrate that we are at the leading edge of cardiovascular excellence in the Province. Please visit the website in the coming weeks to read more about the procedure.

2. Halloween 

Rhonda Findlater challenged her team on CSIU to a pumpkin contest and they rose to the occasion! Well done to all who participated. Photos below contain the three offerings with the winner on the left.

Stop by the unit today to see what creative people we have in our team!

3. Welcome to the team 

Two new hires to HCL started recently:
  • Christianne de Leon comes to us with 11 years of experience, most recently from HSC SICU.
  • Darcie Verfaillie comes to us with more than 20 years of experience, most recently as a flight nurse with Keewatin Air in Iqaluit, Nunavut.

4. Points to Ponder

2064 years of combined life and work experience! Truly significant milestones were acknowledged last week during the St. Boniface Hospital Long Service Recognition ceremonies. Here is a list of those recognized:

15 Years of Service 
Blake Morden, ICCS
Deborah Morrisseau, Cardiac Clinics

20 Years of Service 
Vilma Ablang, NICD
Dawn Barker, Cardiac Clinics
Karen Lawrence, Cardiac Clinics
Elsy Nadupparambil, A5 Cardiology
Donna Lee Samson, PTM
Charlene White, A5 Cardiology
Elsa Woldeghebriel, A5 Cardiology

25 Years of Service
Diane Cwyk, NICD
Diane De Blois, Cardiac Sciences
Geraldine Henry, ICCS
Wendy Janz-Marion, Cardiac Sciences
Karin Lazar, A5 Cardiology
Donna Mayoh, CSIU
Orit Romanov, A5 Cardiology

26 Years of Service
Dr. Naranjan Dhalla, Cardiac Sciences
Dr. Grant Pierce, Cardiac Sciences

27 Years of Service
Kelly Lewington, Pacemaker Clinic
Sally Masesar, ICCS
Larissa Nimchonok, PTM
Deborah Shaski
Deborah Wegier, Cardiac Clinics

28 Years of Service
Bernadine Brys, Cardiac Clinics
Sandra Chartrand, Cardiac Clinics
Dr. Kazimierz Czaplinski, Cardiac Sciences
Rhonda Findlater, PTM
Wade Morrison, Y2 Pre/Post
Dr. Edward Pascoe, Cardiac Sciences
Mary Wilson, Pacemaker Clinic
Cynthia Wong, Y2 Special Procedures Lab

29 Years of Service
Annette Angela Harman, Cardiac Clinics 
Gregg Herner, CSIU
Elvira Manalang, A5 Cardiology
Corliss Swenarchuk, Pacemaker Clinic
Patricia Taylorson, ICCS 

30 Years of Service
Rodney Giesbrecht, ICCS
Rosalie Grant, Cardiac Clinics
Pam Houlden, Angiography/Interventional
Donna-Lynn Lafreniere, Cardiac Clinics
Susan Mertin, Cardiac NP Clinics
Doreen Winsor, NICD

31 Years of Service 
Dolores Friesen, CHaRM Research
Maria Higgins, Pacemaker Clinic
Andrzej Jagnyziak, A5 Cardiology
Ester McGimpsey, Pacemaker Clinic
Gregory Moltschnow, A5 Cardiology  

32 Years of Service 
Corazon Dela Cruz, ICCS
Jennifer Kalouty Jesram, CSIU 
Irene Nazarevich, CSIU
Jody Semchuk, Y2 Pre/Post

33 Years of Service 
Paulette Devigne, Cardiac Sciences
Leonette Douville, CSIU
Trent Doyle, Y2 Pre/Post
Ann Hall, ICCS
Brenda-Lee Ingimundson, Cardiac Sciences
Sylvia K Jeanson, Cardiac Sciences
Linda McLean, NICD
Parminder (Pam) Singh, NICD
Kelly Tone, Y2 Pre/Post

34 Years of Service 
Donna Kingdon, A5 Cardiology
Linda Kozakewich, CSIU
William Maltman, Y2 Pre/Post
Kimberlee Wiebe, Cardiac Sciences

35 Years of Service
Maureen Kuppe, Cardiac Sciences
Jo-Anne Schaubroeck, NICD

37 Years of Service
Lucy Cabel, NICD
Louise Voth, Perfusion

39 Years of Service
Cindy Lo, Pacemaker Clinic
Dr. Andrew Morris, Cardiology
Dr. Hugh Smith, Cardiac Sciences

40 Years of Service
Sharon Deminiac, NICD

42 Years of Service
Dr. Sachchida Sinha, Cardiac Sciences

52 Years of Service
Dr. David Mymin

If you have any points that you want to pass to the rest of the Program and/or have feedback, please contact Paul Joudrey or 204.237.2743