Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Cardiac Staff Matters 29/04/14

Cardiac Staff Matters is a regular publication of updates, information, points to ponder, and things that are significant to the Program. The aim is to pass these points on during huddles, in conversations, and by posting in clinical areas to ensure widest dissemination.

1. Congratulations to Dr. Shelly Zieroth who was recently appointed as Associate Professor of Medicine in the University of Manitoba.

2. Nursing Week Knowledge Café - The Nursing Week Planning Committee will be sponsoring the Knowledge Café in the Everett Atrium on Tuesday, May 13 from 0730 – 1530 hours, as part of the Nursing Week celebration at St. Boniface Hospital. We encourage individual nurses and/or groups to display their outstanding work undertaken at St. Boniface Hospital. Submissions may include profiling of nursing roles, nursing research, innovations in clinical practice, and/or quality initiatives. Submissions are encouraged to be interactive i.e. hands on displays, quizzes or games) and targeted to both hospital staff and the public. Space is limited. Book your space by contacting: Estrellita Estrella-Holder @ 235-3149, email eestrell@sbgh.mb.ca; or Lorraine Avery @ 258-1286, email lavery@sbgh.mb.ca.

3. Congratulations are due to Dr Rakesh Arora who was successful in securing a Heart and Stroke Foundation research grant for his continued studies on Delirium as it relates to outcomes in Cardiac Care.

If you have any points that you want to pass to the rest of the Program and/or have feedback, please contact Paul Joudrey pjoudrey@sbgh.mb.ca or 204.237.2743