Friday, 10 January 2014

Cardiac Staff Matters 10/01/14

Over the past few years, we have all been working on being more effective communicators.  As a Program, we revived the Program Council and, based on your feedback, have evolved this into a series of section-focussed sessions.  To date, the feedback on this has been incredibly positive.   Regular huddles have also been identified as an unmitigated success which is largely due to your continued efforts to invest in our staff and increase their awareness.

There are many working parts in the Program which makes effective communication a challenge.  Sending Program-wide emails will only contribute to the “communications fatigue” associated with using only one communication method to relay critical or time-sensitive information. 

After discussions with almost all of the Program sections/departments in the new Program Council format, we are initiating the distribution of a “Message of the Week” from the Program leadership team.  The aim is to pass on information that is important for all Program staff and will address issues from both inside and outside of the Program.  These Messages are meant to be included in all huddles and also any staff meetings that occur for a full week (but are not meant to take the place of any regular information that is passed along).  On Friday, I will forward the Message(s) of the Week for the next week.

Starting Monday, January 13th, 2014, please include the following Message(s) in your huddles, staff meetings, and discussions with staff during the week :

·         Congratulations to Dr Ducas for being assigned as Director of the Cath Lab.  At Dr Hussain’s request, this transition is happening well in advance of his departure date this summer to ensure continuity in the Cath Lab;
·         In the face of recent train derailments and other disasters, we are updating the fan-out for all Cardiac Sciences Program staff;
·         Joyce Thomas is retiring in February and Steve Klassen was successful in the competition for that PTM position – his handover will start January 27th and will continue until Joyce’s retirement date of February 14th;
·         Congratulations are extended to Estrellita Estrella-Holder for having successfully attained her Nurse Practitioner designation; and
·         We are less than a month away from the Cardiac Sciences Program Dinner and Dance (Feb 1st) – get your tickets soon as they are going fast!

Thanks in advance for your contribution to increasing the effectiveness of our communication,


Paul Joudrey
Manager, Strategic Initiatives
Pager 204.932.0598